Congratulations to James Steltenpool from Jim’s Pool Care Toronto for winning the 2019 Rookie of the Year Award.

We would love to know:

Why attracted you to the Pool Industry?

I have always been around the pool industry, so I have kind of just taken the step up from Service Technician to Business owner! But if you asked me to sell the pool industry to you?

Well to start, it has limitless potential to earn! Offering a service is great, but being able to make sales from small to big ticket items make the pool industry an industry where you can really earn.

Top that off with an outdoors and flexible lifestyle, why wouldn’t you want to do it!

What benefits you see in being part of the Jim’s Pool Care group?

Jim’s Pool Care has a range of benefits to offer. Being a part of a team that can offer support, training, and a brand identity is just a few things I have taken from being a part of the JPC group.

There are people in the organisation with a genuine desire for you to succeed and are willing to help you reach your goals whenever you need.

Suppliers recognise JPC as great organisation, and because of this we get the best deals and the best support from a range of suppliers and manufacturers.

What was the hardest part is of starting and then growing a business?

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is the uncertainty. It was daunting at first, asking yourself will I succeed and will I be profitable. I never had doubts on my ability to do the work,

but I was worried that the work would not be there to do! After taking the leap, just like most franchisee’s I have spoken to, this was not the case, keeping up was the hard part!

I think a mistake people make is forgetting to grow their business, or they think that once the work is coming in its not going to stop, so a hard part is making sure you are continually looking at ways you can move forward, and continue your business growth.

What motivates you each day to get out there and grow it?

Everyone has different motivations in running a JPC franchise. Whether it be financial motivations or a change of lifestyle. My motivation at my age is very financial.

I want to get ahead now, while I have low overheads in my life. I set weekly. monthly, yearly financial goals that motivate me to get up and find ways to get more work.

When you really throw yourself into your business you get attached to it, and to make sure your business is going well is to take pride in yourself. My business is a representational of myself, and it is what people will know me for, this motivates me to make sure my business is successful!

What things you have done to grow it, ideally mention everything, regardless if it worked short term?

I have done many activities to grow my business. From small to large, from free to expensive. I think its very important that its not really what you do to grow your business, but just as long as you are doing something to grow it. I am very big on doing newsletters (annual/biannual). It is a really great way to get a presence in your territory but also communicate with your potential customers. I’ve done letter box dropping, meeting other business professionals like property managers, sent welcome packages to houses that have just sold, and I have even sat on the side of the road in my van during peak hour traffic just to get some visibility in my territory (it’s free, and trust me it works!).

What you really like about the business?

For a control freak like myself, It’s great to be in charge, ha! I like the responsibilities that come with running a business. Being at the wheel of a business, controlling where and how it goes is something I really enjoy. I enjoy the freedom too! Running your own schedule and being able to take time off and make it up elsewhere is great. My favourite thing though is the potential to earn!

Knowing that each job I am doing I am making money for myself, and not for someone else!

How important is customer service to you and your business, and what does that entail?

I think anyone that is going through or has been through the Jim’s system knows that customer service is key to a healthy business. Small business thrives on referrals and reviews, and to make sure you get them you need to be providing the best service to your customer. To me, this means providing a friendly and professional service. I make sure that I communicate well with all of my customers, and making sure I exceed their expectations. Sometimes it is as simple as getting to your customer, and making them feel like a friend.

How has it helped with your with family commitments and flexibility around hours?

Being a business owner is great! Yes, my hours that I work range from 7 am to 8 pm, but I’m very flexible within that window. It’s great to be able to have lunch with my partner in between jobs, or take the afternoon off for a fish with some mates if the weathers right, and then do some paper work in the evening.

Where you see yourself/your business in coming years?

With quite some substantial financial goals I have set upon myself, I’d like to see my business continuing to grow. I endeavour to employ some staff (when the time is right) and build up to a larger business with a few vans on the road. In the near future I would like to buy my first house, and set up some investments for the future.

What are you excited about this year?

I am most excited to see how my business travels this summer now that it has some momentum. I’m excited for the task of beating my last years numbers (month to month), and to see just how busy I can get.

Once again, we would like to congratulate James Steltenpool for this great achievement and we are expecting your continued success and more award to follow.

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