The Jim’s system is very powerful, especially if you are prepared to work hard and take advantage of all the tools, support and training that is available to you as a franchisee.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t step out and start a new business is because they’reworried about financial uncertainty in the startup stage, before the business is really established.

Committed to your success

At Jim’s Pool Care however, we are committed to your success from the word go. We know that your mortgage and other financial obligations don’t go away while you’re starting something new,which is why we offer a Work Availability Guarantee of $1,500 (including GST) per week.*

If you don’t earn at least $1,500 per week, Jim’s Pool Care will cover the difference, giving you somebreathing space and the confidence to keep your eye on the ball (or the pool!).

Need more info?

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