Ever felt that you’re rushing through life – to work and home and taking the kids to different activities? Have you ever thought there must be a better way to balance work and life demands?

Wouldn’t you love to be spending your days beside the pool?

Jim’s Pool Care has been a great opportunity for one of our newest franchisees to get the work/life balance he was striving towards. For over 20 years, Brad from Jim’s Pool Care (Strathfield) had taught in a number of schools in Australia and overseas and decided to take the plunge into pool care.

Throughout his teaching career and prior corporate experience, he was honing his business skills which came in very handy when setting up his own business. The turning point was the fulfilment he felt when renovating a house.

“Summer can be as busy as you want it to be, but the off season is a great opportunity to watch my kids play sport or for family holidays.”

Now he gets to decide when he works and what else he wants in his life. Gone is the stress of his old job, he now finds his new life servicing pools quite relaxing. He prefers to go out to his first pool early so that he gets an early mark at the end of the day. Any work he chooses to do after hours is making him money.

You’re never alone when you’re part of the Jim’s Pool Care team. You can always call other franchisees to get their expertise or suppliers for advice on different problems.

“I’m used to working in teams and the extended Jim’s Pool Care network of franchisees has been a great support system, especially starting in a new industry.”

From the first day of training on the road, the training is ongoing. We have our own pool school, online training program and an annual conference as a way for pool technicians to further develop their knowledge and skills.

“I like to use my time beside the pool listening to podcasts about how to develop my business.” You get to be your own boss and decide how much to grow your business. Maybe you want to work less hours than your old job or maybe you want to scale up and put another vehicle on the road. It’s your choice.

Can you see yourself or someone else you know as a Jim’s Pool Care technician? Contact us today for more information about this business for sale in Sydney and franchise opportunities in your area.

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